Delaware Month to Month Lease Agreement


The Delaware Month to Month Lease Agreement contains the binding conditions found within most residential agreements, with the exception that the form is for short-term rentals in which the landlord or tenant can terminate the agreement with sixty (60) days of notice. Also called an “At Will” tenancy, the agreement has no set end date, and could feasibly go on indefinitely if neither the tenant or landlord terminates it with the required notice. Like any agreement, monthly leases have their pros and cons – however, for homeowners or landlords that are looking to lease a property that they can’t rent out for one (1) year periods, the monthly lease is their best option. When a landlord advertises their the rental on a monthly basis, they will receive interest from tenants that are 1) looking for an extended vacation, 2) are business persons who need to spend extended time in a location for a project, or 3) are families/persons that are waiting for their home to be built (to name a few).

State Laws

Statute: § 5106

Required Notice to Terminate: Sixty (60) days.

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