Delaware Roommate Agreement


Delaware roommate agreement is a document used to outline the rights, responsibilities, and obligations of all roommates sharing a living space. The agreement is intended to supplement the existing lease agreement between the tenant(s) and the landlord.

It helps to establish clear communication, prevent misunderstandings, and foster an amicable living situation among roommates. By signing the form, each roommate acknowledges their understanding and acceptance of the terms and conditions set forth within the document.

Things to Consider

  • Delaware does not have specific state laws governing roommate agreements; however, this agreement can help clarify each roommate’s responsibilities and avoid conflicts.
  • Be aware that local ordinances and regulations may affect a roommate’s rights and responsibilities, so understanding local ordinances is crucial.
  • If a roommate is not on the lease, they may have limited legal rights and protections as a tenant. It is essential for all roommates to discuss and agree upon their individual lease status.
  • Roommates should consider discussing and including rules and responsibilities regarding shared utilities, rent payments, and security deposits in the agreement to ensure financial obligations are clear.
  • A written and signed roommate agreement can serve as evidence in case of disputes, making it a valuable tool to help resolve conflicts that may arise during the tenancy.