Florida Roommate Agreement


The Florida Roommate Agreement is a binding document entered into between those living within a single rented property, for the purpose of sharing rent and other costs. The agreement covers more day-to-day details than what would be written in the lease agreement signed between the tenants and the landlord originally. For example, topics such as who pays what portion of rent, when each roommate has to pay the rent by, rules on guests, quiet hours, and cleaning are all included in the form. It is important to note that while the document is binding to each roommate, it does not include the landlord, so there is no need to notify them after completing the form.

The form is not to be confused with a sublease agreement, which is a type of form used when a renter is looking to re-rent their property to another tenant.

College (Dorm) Roommate Agreement

The Florida College Roommate Agreement is another type of roommate contract that is specifically designed for those that live in college dormitory housing (or nearby apartments). Originally drafted by the University of West Florida, the form can be used in all Florida Universities and Colleges, including Miami Dade, Broward College, and the University of Florida, to name a few. The form contains an exceptionally handy field for specifying each roommates’ sharing preferences on a wide variety of items, including appliances, video games, clothes, food, and furniture. Although the form contains a field for an RA’s initials, this should only be done if the university in which it will be completed requires it.

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