Florida Standard Residential Lease Agreement


The Florida Standard Residential Lease Agreement is a standard form used for the renting of a home, apartment, condominium, or other property for a standard length of one (1) year. The document also outlines the duties and rules the parties must follow as long as the agreement remains in effect. A notable section from Florida’s lease laws is § 83.51 which requires the landlord to facilitate the extermination of any rodents or other pests. The landlord is also responsible for facilitating garbage removal and providing tenants with: the means to access and secure the dwelling; access to common areas that are free from hazards; and working heat and water systems. However, the tenants may be required to pay for certain utilities and trash pickup if these specifications are included in the lease.

Tenant Screening: Florida Rental Application

Versions (8)

Version 1 – OpenDocs

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Version 2 – FL Form 4054 (Official)

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Version 3 – Single Family/Duplex

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Version 4 – Apt/Condo/Co-op/Mobile Home

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Version 5 – Apartment

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Version 6 – Miami-Dade County

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Version 7 – JWB

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Version 8 – General

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State Laws

Laws: §§ 83.40 to 83.682 “Residential Tenancies”

Maximum Security Deposit (§ 83.49): None.

Returning Security Deposits: If the landlord is not asserting any claims for damages, the entire security deposit must be refunded within fifteen (15) days after the tenant has vacated the premises. Conversely, a landlord making claims for damages must advise the tenant accordingly within thirty (30) days. A landlord that fails to do so forfeits the right to make any claims for damages. The tenant has fifteen (15) days after receipt of the landlord’s notice to dispute the claim for damages. If no objections are raised within that time, the landlord has thirty (30) days to return the remaining funds to the tenant.