Georgia Rental Application | Form F44


The Georgia Rental Application (Form F44) is the official application drafted by the Georgia Association of Realtors for screening individuals looking to sign a lease for a rental property. The document gives landlords a method of standardizing the tenant-screening process, allowing them to review applications faster and to provide applicants with unbiased verdicts as to whether they can enter into a lease or not. In Georgia, landlords are not restricted on the amount they can charge for an application fee. Typically used to cover the costs of running a credit check, application fees often serve as a form of screening in themselves, weeding out those that are merely curious about the property versus those that are genuinely looking to sign.

The Georgia Landlord-Tenant Handbook is a handy document that landlords (and tenants) can read to gain a more clear understanding of Georgia’s lease laws.

State Laws

Maximum Application Fee: Georgia Landlord-Tenant laws do not contain restrictions regarding what can be charged for rental applications.

Security Deposits: No limits – property managers can request any amount for security deposits. Regardless, it is recommended landlords stick to charging the standard one (1) or two (2) months for an upfront deposit. For rentals that are furnished or for situations where the tenant(s) have pets, requesting more is suggested.

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