Georgia Roommate Agreement


The Georgia Roommate Agreement serves as a comprehensive and generally non-binding document outlining the rights and responsibilities of individuals sharing a living space within the state. This agreement plays a crucial role in maintaining goodwill among roommates, ensuring clear communication, and preventing potential disputes. By documenting aspects such as rent division, utility payments, and house rules, the agreement safeguards the interests of all parties involved. Having a signed roommate agreement in place is highly recommended to avoid misunderstandings and establish a peaceful living environment.

In many cases, the act of completing the agreement is enough, as it leads to conversations in which the roommates understand each other’s needs and wishes. In this situation, the agreement serves more as a reminder of the rules should a roommate forget what is expected of them.

For Students: College/Dorm Roommate Agreement

This is a straightforward template designed to assist university students in documenting their living preferences formally. To establish rules for shared dormitories or apartments, each roommate is required to fill out one (1) form individually. Upon completion, the roommates should reconvene to discuss their responses, ultimately recording the mutually agreed-upon preferences on a single “master” roommate agreement.

Download: PDF