Georgia Roommate Agreement


The Georgia Roommate Agreement is used by roommates living within a single rented property to outline the rules and expectations they agree to follow for the term of the lease. Although the form is not typically used for legally-binding matters, it can be include clauses that punish roommates for breaking its rules in other ways. For example, the roommates may wish to include a clause that requires the tenant (accused of breaking the agreement’s rules) to do something embarrassing, pay a fine, or other task deemed worthy by the other roommates.

In many cases, the action of completing the agreement is often all that needs to happen, as it leads to conversations in which the roommates understand each other’s needs and wishes. In this situation, the agreement serves more as a reminder in case a roommate forgets what is expected of them. Although non-binding by the nature of the subjects included in the form – sections regarding rent, utilities, and other monetary amounts can be enforced legally if preliminary forms of mediation are not successful.

College (Dorm) Roommate Agreement

The Georgia College Roommate (Dorm Room) Agreement is a simple template that gives university students a means of recording their living preferences in writing. To establish dorm or apartment rules, each roommate should complete one (1) form; once completed, the roommates should reconvene to discuss their answers, where they will write down the agreed-upon preference on a single “master” roommate agreement.

Download: Adobe PDF