Illinois Rental Application


The Illinois Rental Application is a fillable form used for collecting information on a prospective renter in an organized fashion. The document is broken into eight (8) sections that allow the landlord to go one-by-one through the form checking for any signs that the applicant would not be trustworthy (not making payments on time, disturbing nearby tenants, damaging the unit, etc.). The sections found in the form are:

  1. Name(s) of the occupant(s)
  2. Employment history
  3. Rental history
  4. Credit history
  5. Vehicle(s) information
  6. References
  7. General information (questions)
  8. Signature for authorization

When used correctly, the rental application can save a landlord time, money, and future headache.

State Laws

Maximum Application Fee: No limit – property owners and managers can charge any fee they deem is fair.

Security Deposits (765 ILCS 71o): No limit as imposed by Illinois law. After the tenant(s) have vacated the rental unit, the landlord has forty-five (45) days to return the deposit to the tenant in full. If the landlord intends to subtract a portion or all of the security deposit, they need to send the tenant(s) a detailed list of all damage and the associated costs to repair the damage within thirty (30) days.

Guide to Illinois Lease Laws: The Illinois State Bar Association’s “Your Guide to Landlord-Tenant Law” (.pdf)

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