Illinois Roommate Agreement


An Illinois roommate agreement is a template used for setting a series of rules, schedules, and standards that all roommates will be expected to follow. It can be used for any rental property that has two (2) or more tenants, whether it is a rented home, apartment, dorm room, or other property.

The main purpose of the form is for promoting camaraderie between roommates, as disagreements regarding cleaning, noise, and privacy are common “hot topics”. The form allows co-tenants to set rules regarding the topics mentioned above, such as a weekly cleaning time, whether roommates can share food/possessions, and more. Unlike a rental agreement, the majority of the terms are not legally binding. In other words, a roommate can’t sue another roommate because they didn’t take out the trash). Having said, tenants should still view the document as official, as it’s only valuable so long it is respected by everyone that has signed it.