Kansas Commercial Lease Agreement (NNN)


The Kansas Triple Net Commercial Lease Agreement is a signed contract that permits a business to operate in a property or space for a set length of time in exchange for monthly payments. Kansas Law offers very few protections for commercial renters, as it is presumed business-tenants are less likely to be taken advantage of compared to residential tenants. To bind tenants to a longer-termed lease, which offers increased financial security, landlords may guarantee a period of lower rent, cover the cost of utilities, or improve the property to better fit the needs of the tenant. Whatever the parties agree on, having a licensed realtor or attorney go-over the contract can be used to help point out weak or suspicious conditions, and to ensure it would hold up in a court of law.

The “Triple Net” refers to the fact that the tenant (lessee) will be responsible for paying all costs related to the property; the three “nets” being taxes, building insurance, and property maintenance.