Kentucky Standard Residential Lease Agreement


Download the Kentucky Standard Residential Lease Agreement to organize all details regarding the leasing of a unit, apartment, condo, or home to one (1) or more people. With the contract, both the landlord and tenant(s) have a clear, agreed-upon framework for the rules and conditions pertaining to the property, ensuring topics such as utilities, rental payment, pets, parking, and lease duration are understood by all. In Kentucky, state law does not mandate the maximum amount of security deposit that can be charged, although the recommended amount is one (1) month’s rent. Additionally, landlords are not required to provide tenants with a notice before raising rent, although doing so is highly recommended to remain on good terms with tenants.

State Laws

Laws: Ch. 383 “Landlord and Tenant”

Maximum Security Deposit: No statute; any amount can be requested by landlords.

Returning Security Deposits (§ 383.580): If a tenant leaves rent unpaid, or damages the rental, the landlord has thirty (30) days to use the deposit to remedy such expenses. If at the lease’s termination the tenant has paid all rent and no deductions are warranted from the deposit, the landlord is required to send a notice to the last known or suspected address of the tenant informing them they have a refund. If sixty (60) days goes by without a response from the tenant, the landlord can keep the deposit in full.