Louisiana Rental Application


The Louisiana Rental Application is a form used for gaining a thorough look into the history of an applicant to a rental property. With the information collected, the landlord can compare it to a set of criteria, allowing them to make a quick and straightforward decision as to whether the applicant should be accepted or not. Before giving an application to a potential tenant (or before checking a completed form), landlords should require each prospective to pay an application fee. The amount that applicants can be requested to pay is up to the landlord, as there are no laws restricting it in Louisiana. Charging an amount that covers both the cost of running the check as well as the time spent looking at the form is recommended; anywhere between $30 to $50+.

State Laws

Maximum Application Fee: No maximum fee per Louisiana law.

Security Deposits (§ 3251): Like application fees, there are no restrictions on what can be required for security deposits. Upon the lease’s termination, the landlord needs to return the security deposit (minus any deductions, if any) within one (1) month. If the landlord intends to keep a portion of the deposit, they need to provide the tenant with a list of damage(s) and how much was retained to remedy the issue(s).

Handbook for Louisiana Rental Laws: A Guide To Landlord-Tenant Law (.pdf)

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