Maine Roommate Agreement


The Maine Roommate Agreement incorporates structure into the routines and lives of roommates sharing an apartment or home for the duration of the lease agreement that they are bound under. Before signing the form, the roommates will discuss several topics, of which include: when cleaning will take place (and by whom), the amount each person pays toward rent (unless it is stated in the original lease), and several other areas of conversation. The agreement is non-binding in nature; it mainly exists to promote harmony among the roommates. However, if the roommates use the form to decide on who pays what portion of the rent, and one of the roommates does not follow through, the contract can be used in a court of law, so long all of the tenant’s signatures have been recorded on the form.

What to Include in the Agreement

The form should contain a minimum of the following conditions to provide that the roommates all sufficiently understand each other’s expectations for the rental:

  • The full date the agreement goes into effect
  • Names of all the tenants
  • How the roommates are to go about paying rent (and who pays what)
  • How utilities are to be paid
  • The day of the week designated for cleaning
  • Rules regarding overnight guests
  • What types of substances are allowed in the rental (smoking, drugs, etc.)
  • The signatures, printed names, and signing dates of all roommates