Michigan Roommate Agreement


The Michigan Roommate Agreement is a contract completed by two (2) or more roommates living within the same rental that sets the standard expectations among the roommates for the full duration of the lease.

Whether or not the agreement is legally binding depends on whether or not the roommates are all bound to the original lease signed with the landlord. If they are, rent will most likely not be included in the roommate contract, as rent is one of the few areas which could be argued in court; other day-to-day living subjects, such as cleaning, guest policy, or lights out, are almost always not enforceable in a court of law.

It is important to recognize that, although a roommate agreement may not be legally binding in all respects, it serves as a beneficial point of reference in settling disputes and promoting mutual understanding among roommates. Therefore, it is advisable for all roommates to thoroughly discuss and reach an agreement on the terms before signing, ultimately contributing to a more positive and cooperative living experience.