Minnesota Standard Residential Lease Agreement


Minnesota standard residential lease agreement is an official document that landlords and tenants complete to establish a one (1) year rental contract. It aligns with the state’s landlord-tenant laws, offering robust protection for both parties. The form encompasses various legal requirements and stipulations, including essential disclosures landlords must give to tenants. These disclosures cover multiple topics, such as detailing prohibited activities on the premises and alerting renters to potential foreclosure. Additionally, this lease agreement incorporates provisions for rent details, security deposit terms, and maintenance responsibilities, ensuring a clear understanding of obligations and rights for all parties involved.

Tenant Screening: Minnesota Rental Application

State Laws

Laws: Chapter 504B “Landlord and Tenant”

Maximum Security Deposit: No statute. There are no restrictions in place regarding what tenants can be required to pay for security deposits.

Returning Security Deposits (§ 504B.178): Landlords have twenty-one (21) days to return security deposits after the standard expiration of a lease. If the tenant vacates the rental due to the legal condemnation of the property, landlords have five (5) days to return the deposit (in full or after deductions).

Notice for Increasing Rent: Landlords need to give tenants a minimum of one (1) rental period, plus a single day, prior to raising the rates.

Required Notice for Entry: Landlords are required to make a “good faith effort” to provide tenants with a notice prior to entering the rental.