Missouri Standard Residential Lease Agreement


The Missouri Standard Residential Lease Agreement is used for officially granting a tenant (or several tenants) the right to live in a rental unit for a predefined length of time – with twelve (12) months being the average duration. In exchange for the rental, the tenant(s) are required to pay a set amount of money to the landlord at the beginning of every month (or a date specified in the agreement).

When making any edits to the lease, it is very important the landlord complies with all restrictions laid out by Missouri’s Landlord-Tenant law, which contains restrictions on what can and cannot be included in rental contracts. Once all necessary edits have been made, the landlord should schedule a time to sit down with the tenant so he or she can go over every aspect of the contract. If the tenant agrees with all terms, both parties will then record their signatures onto the agreement, officially entering it into effect.

Tenant Screening: Missouri Rental Application

State Laws

Laws: Chapter 441 “Landlord and Tenant”

Maximum Security Deposit (§ 535.300(1)): Deposits cannot be in excess of two (2) months’ rent.

Returning Security Deposits (§ 535.300(2)): Thirty (30) days after the lease has officially terminated.

Notice for Increasing Rent: No requirement for notices per MO law.

Required Notice for Entry: None. Giving appropriate notice is up to the landlord’s discretion.