Missouri Rental Application


The Missouri Rental Application Template is a fillable form used by those that own or manage real estate for legally acquiring background information on individuals who wish to lease a property from them. Creating a stable, consistent process for screening through a person’s rental, criminal, and credit history is essential for preventing unfairness and for avoiding judging applicants on information not relevant to whether they would make great tenants. The law does not specify any limitations landlords have for charging rental application fees; they can charge any amount as they see fit.

State Laws

Maximum Application Fee: None. Fees are up to the landlord to decide.

Security Deposits (§ 535.300): Landlords cannot collect security deposits equivalent to more than two (2) months’ rent. After the termination of the lease, the landlord needs to return the security deposit within thirty (30) days. If any portion of the deposit will be withheld to repair damages or unpaid rent, the landlord needs to provide the tenant(s) with a list of all damages as well as the portion of the deposit withheld for each type of damage.

Guide to Missouri Landlord-Tenant Law: Provided by the state’s Attorney General, the guidebook gives a clear breakdown of Missouri’s lease laws and the rights afforded to landlords and tenants. Download: Missouri Landlord-Tenant Law Handbook (.pdf)

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