Mississippi Standard Residential Lease Agreement


Download the Mississippi Standard Residential Lease Agreement, an official contract formed between a property management company and one (1) or more tenants. The document, which complies with MS Landlord-Tenant code, contains a series of terms and conditions that spell out the responsibilities of the tenant, the rent they will be required to pay, what they can and cannot do on the premises, where to make payments, rules regarding guests, parking, and more. Additionally, the contract informs the tenants of what the landlord is obligated to provide for them amongst other important information. Standard rental contracts have an average length of one (1) year, although longer terms can be negotiated and written into the agreement.

Tenant Screening: Mississippi Rental Application

Laws: “Landlord and Tenant” (§§ 89-7-1 to 89-7-125)

Maximum Security Deposit: No max referenced in MS statutes.

Returning Security Deposits (§ 89-8-21(3)): Once the lease has terminated, landlords have forty-five (45) days to return the security deposit to the tenant(s).

Permitted Security Deposit Deductions (§ 89-8-21(3)):

  • Cleaning of the unit (after the tenancy has ended);
  • Tenant-caused damage to the rental (not including standard wear and tear);
  • Unpaid rent;
  • Any other expenses that resulted from the tenant’s default.

Notice for Increasing Rent: No statute.

Required Notice for Entry: So long right of entry is included in the lease, landlords do not have to provide tenants with a notice prior to entering the rental.