Montana Sublease Agreement


The Montana Sublease Agreement is downloaded and completed by a person or group of renters looking to escape a lease they are currently bound to, letting them sign a new lease in a distant town, city, state, or country. Montana is a very strict state in regards to subleasing. Even if the lease provides tenants with the ability to sublease, those looking to do it still need clear and express written permission from the landlord (per § 70-24-305). While the purpose of the statute is to provide landlords with additional safety measures, it can cause a significant headache for renters. Prior to reaching out to the landlord, do your “homework” by screening the new sublessee(s) with a rental application, reaching out to any references they provide, and running a credit check to see if they regularly pay their bills on time. The landlord just wants to know they will still be getting regular rental payments and the rental will be taken good care of. If you can prove this to them, they will allow you to sublease 9 times out of 10.


Form Details

  • Landlord permission: Mandatory
  • Time to complete: ~ 5-10 minutes
  • Pages: 5
  • File types: PDF (512 KB) & Word (98 KB)