North Carolina Commercial Lease Agreement

The North Carolina Commercial Lease Agreement, created by the North Carolina Association of Realtors (Rev. 2017), is a form used to establish the obligations and conditions that a landlord and tenant are required to follow during a lease term. Unlike the majority of states, North Carolina has a set of statutes in place that contain protections for both parties. However, the necessity of including conditions that serve the parties best interests in cases of default, bankruptcy, non-payment of rent, and the sale of a property cannot be overstated. Negotiation should be considered mandatory – especially so for the tenant, as lease agreements are notably landlord-friendly, which stems from the fact that they are the ones that typically draft the document.

North Carolina Commercial Lease Law

Landlords and tenants can access North Carolina’s Uniform Commercial Lease Code by visiting the following address: §§ 25-2A-101 to 25-2A-532