New York Month to Month Lease Agreement


The New York Month-to-Month Lease (Rental) Agreement is a binding document used by homeowners and property managers to rent a property on a short-term basis. Although very similar to a standard residential lease, the monthly contract differs in that it exists in thirty (30) day increments, continuing on forever until either party terminates it.

For those that live in NYC, either the landlord or the tenant(s) need to send a written notice to the other party at least thirty (30) days in advance of the next rent payment. For those living outside of the city, a notice of one (1) month is required in order to lawfully end the agreement. Although thirty (30) days is essentially the same as one (1) month, it’s important to understand the difference as months under thirty (30) days in length could cause too short of a notice to be given.

State Laws

Statute: § 232-A (in NYC) & § 232-B (outside of NYC)

Required Notice to Terminate

  • Rental properties located in NYC: Thirty (30) days’ notice.
  • Rental properties located outside of NYC: One (1) month notice.

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