Ohio Sublease Agreement


An Ohio sublease agreement is a rental form that facilitates the re-renting of property without impacting the existing lease agreement. The original tenant (or sublessor) and a new tenant (or sublessee) establish this agreement. The sublease functions as a condensed version of the lease signed with the landlord, addressing critical aspects such as rent payment, property rules, rental duration, and other relevant topics.

Ohio rental laws do not explicitly address subleasing. Therefore, tenants must consult their original lease agreement with the landlord before seeking a potential sublessee. The original lease may contain stipulations, such as requiring written approval before subleasing or mandating background checks for prospective sublessees. The sublessor may presume that subletting is permissible if the original lease does not mention subleasing.

How to Write

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To complete an Ohio sublease agreement form, follow the instructions below:

Page 1:

  • Enter the date, full names of the sublessor and sublessee, and the rental property address.
  • Specify the start and end dates of the sublease term, which should coincide with the original lease agreement’s ending date.
  • Indicate the rent due date, rent amount, and payment method.
  • State the security deposit amount, if any, and the number of days the sublessor has to return it at the lease term’s end.
  • Mention whether the tenant has to complete a move-in checklist.

Page 2:

  • Specify if the lot provides parking, including the number of spaces.
  • List the utilities the sublessee is responsible for paying, if any.
  • State whether smoking is permitted and, if so, the designated locations.
  • Indicate if the landlord allows subletting by referring to the master lease.

Page 3:

Identify whether the property was built before 1978; consult the original lease if uncertain.

Page 4:

  • Include any additional terms or conditions (optional).
  • Obtain the signatures of the sublessor and sublessee, their printed names, and the signing date.
  • Optionally, request the landlord’s signature.

Upon completing the form, the sublessor should retain the original and provide a copy to the sublessee.