Oregon Roommate Agreement


The Oregon Roommate Agreement brings roommates within a shared rental onto the same page regarding a set of apartment/house-wide rules. Additionally, the form coordinates which roommate will complete what tasks, and the time in which they will be done. The document goes a long way in reducing the likelihood of arguments from occurring and takes out the need for many awkward conversations (such as a person’s cleanliness).

In general, the process for completing a roommate goes:

  1. The parties figure out a time and place to go over all questions in the agreement.
  2. They sit down, going one-by-one through all topics (cleaning, utilities, quiet hours, etc.) until the form is finished
  3. Each roommate goes through the form one more time, ensuring they agree on all points
  4. A copy of the form should be sent digitally to each roommate (or printed and distributed)

Oregon College (Dorm) Roommate Agreement

Created by the University of Oregon, the college (dorm) roommate agreement is a form offered to support students both at UO and other universities and colleges in the state who are living with roommates. The form usefully encourages constructive discussions between roommates about their shared housing and contains fields more specific to life in dorms and college apartments – in comparison to more standard, universal roommate contracts.

Download: Adobe PDF