Pennsylvania Standard Residential Lease Agreement

The Pennsylvania Standard Residential Lease Agreement provides as a means of legally structuring an arrangement, where a home, apartment, or room is rented for the average length of time of one (1) year, although any duration can be negotiated. It is recommended landlords take considerable time reading and editing the contract, thinking of any situations that should be clarified in writing to avoid future ramifications – as Pennsylvania is known as a “tenant-friendly” state, pointing to the fact that eviction processes can be more difficult than other states.

Lease Laws + Maximum Security Deposit

Lease Laws – Landlord and Tenant Act (§§ 250.101 to 250.602)

Maximum Security Deposit (§ 250.511a) – First year of lease: Two (2) months’ rent. Subsequent year(s): One (1) months’ rent.

Sample Template