Texas Roommate Agreement


The Texas Roommate Agreement provides a group of tenants, who are sharing a single rental property, with a means of establishing a set of rules and guidelines pertaining to the rental. The roommates can create rules regarding anything that goes on within the rental, with common subjects including utilities, guests, privacy, parties, and pets, to name a few. Although many people envision their experience living in a shared household will be filled with group dinners and fun nights, the reality is often different. If roommates have not come together to create rules they must all abide by, their living situation can quickly turn into one riddled with tension. This is why roommates are recommended to use the roommate contract.

How to Complete

The agreement contains fields for up to four (4) roommates. If there are more than that many tenants living within the rental, edits to the contract can be made to allow for more roommates. To do this, download the Word (.docx) format and add the additional name field(s) on the first (1st) page of the document, and create signature field(s) for each additional roommate on the last page.

For adding guidelines regarding topics not included in the form, the roommates can use the “Additional Remarks” field or add one (1) or more additional pages as necessary to capture all info.

To become official, all roommates must sign the agreement. A copy should be printed and given to every roommate after signatures have been recorded. Giving a copy to the landlord is not needed, as it doesn’t impact the terms and conditions as included in the original lease signed.