Vermont Rental Application


A Vermont rental application is used for screening applicants interested in renting residential housing in Vermont. Created by the State of Vermont’s Housing Community, the form is used for creating a standardized process for vetting persons interested in renting a vacant rental unit. The form, which is a total of thirteen (13) pages, goes into very specific details on the applicant’s finances, housing history, family make-up, and more. Once completed, the landlord will have sufficient information as to whether the applicant should be permitted to enter into a lease.


  • Maximum Application Fee (§ 4456a): For residential leasing, landlords cannot charge tenants a rental application fee as per Vermont law. For non-residential/commercial properties, landlords are permitted to charge fees as they see fit.
  • Security Deposits (§ 4461): No limit. When returning the deposit at the end of the lease, the landlord is required to list any deductions taken from the deposit in a written statement. According to § 4461 (b), the landlord can make deductions from the deposit for nonpayment of rent or utilities, for expenses resulting from the landlord needing to remove furniture from the rental property, or damage to the property (not caused by expected wear and tear).

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