Wisconsin Commercial Lease Agreement


The Wisconsin Commercial Lease Agreement provides owners and managers of commercial property in Wisconsin with a means of renting out their property to an established or new business. Limiting the amount of liability on a landlord or owner is essential – in order to ensure of this, a well-crafted lease needs to be used.

A commercial lease is a document signed by a property owner and tenant, binding both parties into terms and conditions regarding the renting of the property. For landlords, longer lease agreements are almost always preferred. Tenants, on the other hand, will often attempt to negotiate a lease that is long enough to bring down the monthly payments to an amount that is practical, yet short enough so they are not stuck paying a lease if their business does not succeed.

About the Form

Included in the lease are a total of thirty (30) conditions, which cover a topics ranging from the sublease of the premises, utilities, entry, default (if it were to occur), notices (and where to send them), and the signatures of all parties.

The parties will be required to input the following:

  • When the contract becomes effective (when the lease begins)
  • The name of the landlord and tenant
  • Property address
  • Cost of rent altogether + monthly installments, and where to send payments
  • How the tenant will use the property
  • An address for both the landlord and tenant in which the parties are to send notices
  • Signature of the landlord and tenant