Wisconsin Roommate Agreement


The Wisconsin Roommate Agreement is a document designed to establish guidelines for individuals sharing a rented home or apartment, ensuring all roommates adhere to the agreed-upon rules. Sharing a rental with one or more tenants can offer significant savings but may also present various challenges. Addressing potential issues early, such as quiet hours, guests, privacy, sharing responsibilities, cleaning, utilities, and other aspects of daily living, is crucial to maintaining harmony among the tenants.

College (Dorm) Roommate Agreement

For students that are sharing a college dorm, on-campus rental, or nearby apartment, the Wisconsin college roommate (dorm) agreement provides a simple, straightforward means of setting rules regarding a variety of topics. By having set rules in place, the roommates will have a clear understanding of what actions they can and can’t do. Personal property, for example, is a topic that commonly leads to disagreements. With the form, the roommates can state what kinds of possessions are off-limits, those that require permission to use, and property that can be used freely by the other roommates.

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