Wyoming Roommate Agreement


The Wyoming Roommate Agreement gives those sharing an apartment, home, dorm, or communal living space a way to work out the preferences of each roommate for the purpose of avoiding confrontation and tension. Lease agreements (the one signed with the landlord), do not state how the roommates are to get along – it only covers information pertinent to things relating to the landlord or the property in general. Because of this, forging a roommate agreement should be the first thing on the roommate’s list after moving in.

With the form, the tenants can come to terms on topics that commonly lead to ill-will the most among roommates, such as cleaning, dishes, pets, guests, and rent. For example, one roommate’s idea of a “clean home” can be starkly different to that of another roommate. Similarly, one roommate may prefer a more communal living experience, whereas another may wish to largely stick to themselves.

Additional Considerations

Because the form is a template, it can (and should), be edited to match the needs of the tenants completing it. Because no living situation is the same, certain conditions have been left out purposely to allow the tenants to customize it to their likes. For example, in the document’s current form, it states that each roommate is responsible for cleaning their own room. Because a messy room (in its extreme) has the possibility of damaging the rental, it may not be the wisest decision to allow each tenant to treat their room as they please; using the Microsoft Word (.docx) version, the tenants can alter the condition to require each roommate to clean their room on a certain day, such as Sunday.