Wyoming Rental Lease Agreements

The Wyoming Rental Lease Agreements are legal documents that set out the conditions under which a landlord will rent a residential property to a tenant. The documents are comprised of specific provisions that state the guidelines relating to such matters as:

  • Parties to the agreement
  • The term of the lease
  • Security deposit
  • Rent payments
  • Utilities and services

Wyoming state does not cover many matters concerning landlord-tenant relations in comparison to other states. Therefore, it is vital that the lease agreement clearly states specifics about the obligations each party must legally uphold to ensure the landlord or property manager is covered from liability.

Types of Agreements

Commercial Lease Agreement – A landlord with a property suitable to be used for a commercial purpose, such as a restaurant, retail shop, or business office, should use this type of lease agreement.

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Lease to Own Agreement – An agreement that clarifies the rights and responsibilities associated with the leasing and potential purchasing of a landlord’s home by a tenant. Gives the tenant the “option” to purchase the rental at the lease’s expiration.

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Month-to-Month Lease Agreement – The standard short-term rental agreement for residential leasing. Permits the tenant(s) to rent on an ongoing basis, one (1) month at a time.

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Roommate Agreement – Simplifies the process of working out what can and cannot be done in a shared rental household, as well as the responsibilities roommates have in connection to the household. A form completed separately to a standard lease.

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Standard Residential Lease Agreement – A contract created between a landlord and a tenant in the state of Wyoming to initiate the lease of a residential property.

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Sublease Agreement – A form used in situations where a tenant will be bringing in a new renter to the property who will begin taking over their rental payments. Permits the tenant to live somewhere else without the burden of making payments.

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What is a Wyoming Lease Agreement?

A Wyoming Lease Agreement is a legal form that comprises of terms that once agreed to, make it possible for a landlord to rent a property to a tenant to reside in. If a landlord is still in the process of selecting a suitable tenant, it is highly recommended that they make use of a rental application form to vet prospective tenants.

State Definition (WY Stat § 1-21-1201(a)(ii)) – “means any agreement, written or oral, which establishes or modifies the terms, conditions, rules or any other provisions regarding the use and occupancy of a residential rental unit.”

Landlord’s Access

Emergency: As there is no state law on the matter of landlord access to the rental property in emergency situations, federal law should be followed. Federal law dictates that landlords are not required to give prior notice to enter the rental property in an emergency.

Non-Emergency: State law is silent on the matter of landlord access to the rental property in non-emergency situations. Landlords are therefore advised to provide the tenant with a minimum of twenty-four (24) hours notice prior to entry. It is also advisable that the entry take place during business days from 9am to 6pm.

Required Disclosures

  • Lead Paint Disclosure: A landlord of a rental property built before 1978 must communicate any known lead paint hazards in the property to tenants. They are also required to provide tenants with a pamphlet called “Protect Your Family From Lead in the Home“, which further explores the matter.
  • Nonrefundable Deposit (WY Stat § 1-21-1207): A rental agreement must state whether any portion of a deposit is nonrefundable. The landlord is also required to provide the tenant with written notice of this fact at the time the deposit is taken by them or their designated agent.

Security Deposit Laws

Maximum: State law does not provide any indication of a legal upper limit for a security deposit.

Returning to Tenant (WY Stat § 1-21-1208(a)): The security deposit must be returned to the tenant by the landlord within thirty (30) days after the termination of the rental agreement or within fifteen (15) days after receipt of the renter’s new mailing address, whichever is later. In cases whereby the tenant has damaged the residential rental unit, this period must be extended by thirty (30) days.

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