Wyoming Sublease Agreement


A Wyoming sublease agreement is an agreement that provides a person currently locked into a lease a way of re-renting the unit to a new tenant. This allows the current tenant a way of moving out of the rental without breaching the lease (and without having to pay for two (2) units at the same time). The contract is not a replacement for the original lease, but merely reinforces the clauses the original agreement contains. It also covers topics not found in the original lease such as how and where the sublessee should make payments, and if what utilities (if any) they will need to pay.

Wyoming does not have any statutes that specifically prohibit or approve subleasing. As a result, tenants should check their lease for any language that mentions subleasing. More often than not, the master lease will require the tenant to gain permission from the landlord prior to signing a sublease contract. In some cases, the tenant will even need to collect a rental application from the potential sublessee. Regardless of the case, most landlords will accept a sublessee if they are confident that rent will still be paid and the new tenant will treat the property (and surrounding tenants) with respect.