Delaware Non-Disclosure Agreement Template


A Delaware non-disclosure agreement is a form that keeps private and valuable information secure. It should be used whenever a person (or company) will be sharing confidential details about their business or products that, if leaked, could hurt their competitive advantage. Once signed, the NDA gives the entity sharing the information a means of suing to collect damages from the entity that shared the secrets.

Without a way of securing such essential information it would be far more difficult for companies to work with vendors, contractors, consultants, and other businesses. While an NDA alone can’t prevent someone from sharing or using secrets, it can dissuade them from sharing it in the first place.


  • Chapter: Title 6, Ch. 20
  • Definitions: § 2001
  • Statute of Limitations (§ 2006): A plaintiff has three (3) years to bring a case of misappropriation (wrongdoing) to the court after discovering said wrongdoing.