Delaware Non-Disclosure Agreement Template


The Delaware Non-Disclosure Agreement is a legally-binding document, that once completed, protects valuable information that has been acquired or developed over a significant amount of time. The form is commonly used when one (1) party is looking to share classified information with another party, such as a company and a newly-hired employee. Without a way of securing such essential information it would be far more difficult for companies to maintain a competitive advantage, and in some cases, stay in business altogether. It is important that the document is edited to account for the unique situation that the parties are involved in, such as the exact subjects and topics that are deemed confidential and how the parties can remedy a breach (if it were to occur).

Delaware Trade Secret Law

The following are sections §§ 2001 to 2009 regarding Delaware’s Trade Secret laws:

  • § 2001: Defines “Improper Means,” “Misappropriation,” “Person,” and “Trade secret”
  • § 2002: Describes when Injunctive Relief can or will be ordered by the court
  • § 2003: Compensation for Damages
  • § 2004: The situation(s) which garner having the winning party’s attorney fees covered
  • § 2005: States what the court will do in order to protect the trade secret(s)
  • § 2006: Statute of Limitations for cases involving misappropriation
  • § 2007: The laws which are and are not affected by Delawares Title 6 Chapter 20
  • § 2008: Application of the chapter (6)
  • § 2009: States the chapter can be cited as the “Uniform Trade Secrets Act”

Statute of Limitations (§ 2006): A plaintiff has three (3) years to bring a case of misappropriation (wrongdoing) to the court after discovering the wrongdoing.