Maine Non-Disclosure Agreement Template


A Maine non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is a business document used for preventing an entity from disclosing or utilizing information shared in a private matter. It provides businesses, entrepreneurs, inventors, and other professionals with a way of engaging in collaboration with other entities without the fear of them stealing their ideas, inventions, or concepts.

The form can be used as a unilateral (one-way) or bilateral (two-way) contract, with unilateral being more common. In a unilateral agreement, only one (1) person or entity discloses information to a recipient. With a bilateral contract, both parties share confidential information with one another.

Can be used to protect:

  • Formulas/processes
  • Designs
  • Business strategies
  • Software
  • Sales information (e.g., customer lists)


  • Chapter: Ch. 302 (§§ 1541 to 1548)
  • Definitions: § 1542
  • Statute of Limitations (§ 1547): If the recipient of an NDA breaches the contract (steals information), the entity that disclosed information has four (4) years after discovering the breach to bring a case for the purpose of collecting damages resulting from the stolen information.