Mississippi Non-Disclosure Agreement Template


A Mississippi non-disclosure agreement (NDA) protects trade secrets and other valuable information from competitors and the general public. It is completed and signed prior to information being shared. Being able to give certain individuals access to confidential information is essential in business, as sharing business plans, formulas, processes, and other pertinent details of a business or idea would be considerably riskier without an NDA in place.

Should a party breach the contract and use shared confidential information for their own gain OR disclose it to a competitor that can use it to advance their business, the disclosing party can take action in a court of law. In some instances, if a competitor is actively using stolen information, a court can issue an injunction requiring the competitor to stop processes relating to the secret(s) immediately.

The form must be signed by both parties. Notarization can further validate the party’s signatures, but is not required.