Missouri Non-Disclosure Agreement Template


A Missouri Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is an official legal contract that is used by Missouri-based business people and professionals to form an agreement with a person or entity requiring learned information to be kept confidential. There are many situations in which an NDA is useful, some of which include video game devs requiring info on a new game be kept secret, executives discussing a business plan with outsiders regarding the selling of a company, or factory workers who have knowledge of a confidential recipe. Overall, due to the effectiveness of NDAs in combating disclosures, it has become a common contract in almost all industries.

Additional Templates

Trade Secret Law

Missouri’s Uniform Trade Secrets Act (§§ 417.450 through 417.467) contains the laws regarding trade secrets and how cases of stolen trade secrets should be handled. Legal experts recommend that those planning on entering into an NDA have an understanding of their state’s laws regarding trade secrets. The act has been outlined below.

  • § 417.450: How to cite the act.
  • § 417.453: Definitions of crucial terms.
  • § 417.455: Injunctions (court orders for an activity to stop).
  • § 417.457: When damages will be rewarded.
  • § 417.459: The effort of the courts to preserve trade secrets.
  • § 417.461: Time limitation (how much time can pass before a case of misappropriation cannot be brought up).
  • § 417.463: Effect on other laws.
  • § 417.465: Purpose of the act.
  • § 417.467: Effect on prior misappropriation.

Statute of Limitations

Missouri law requires victims of trade secrets being stolen to bring cases within five (5) years of having discovered the wrongdoing (or when the wrongdoing should have been discovered by the defendant).