New Hampshire Non-Disclosure Agreement


The New Hampshire Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Template gives companies and individuals a means of protecting secretive information they own from reaching the hands of third parties. Without an NDA, sharing confidential information would be riskier, lessening the likelihood of businesses working together and making many situations more difficult. It’s important to understand that regardless of whether a contract was signed, stealing trade secrets is illegal. However, with an NDA, it 1) increases the likelihood of the party disclosing information to win in court, and 2) it dissuades the sharing of information from occurring in the first place.

NDA contracts generally come in two (2) formats: bilateral (mutual) and unilateral (one-way). Unilateral agreements are for when a single person or company is sharing information. They are more commonly used than the mutual types, which include conditions to allow both parties to share information with each other.