Wisconsin Non-Disclosure Agreement Template


The Wisconsin Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) stops employees and business people from stealing or distributing confidential information, otherwise known as trade secrets. The form complies with the state’s trade secret laws, ensuring the parties are covered in the event litigation needs to occur.

The form, which is a total of three (3) pages, can be made either “one-way” or “two-way” depending on the situation in which it will be used. One-way refers to there only being one (1) entity disclosing information, whereas two-way refers to both parties sharing confidential information to each other. Wisconsin trade secret law permits either form type to be used.

Trade Secret Law

Wisconsin’s Uniform Trade Secrets Act (UTSA) determines how trade secrets are handled by the state’s courts. Unlike the majority of states that have adopted the act, Wisconsin does not specify a statute of limitations regarding trade secret cases.

Laws: §§ 134.90(1) to 134.90(7)

Overview of the Act:

  • 134.90(1): Defines three (3) terms (“Improper means,” “Readily ascertainable,” and “Trade secret”) referenced throughout the proceeding sections.
  • 134.90(2): Goes over what the state views as committing “Misappropriation.”
  • 134.90(3): Spells out the remedy of injunctive relief. Injunctions are orders issued by the court that force an individual or party stop performing a certain action.
  • 134.90(4): Breaks down when the court will award damages to the victim.
  • 134.90(5): During litigation, the court will impose certain measures to prevent the trade secrets from being exposed to the public⁠-which this section encompasses.
  • 134.90(6): Addresses how the affects other laws within Wisconsin.
  • 134.90(7): A general statement pointing to the fact that the act is meant to “fall in line” with the other states that have adopted the UTSA.