Personal Letter Templates


A personal letter is a document created by the author to communicate with an individual, corporation, or company. Each letter has a unique purpose and theme. It can provide the reader with information, provide support, or assign tasks. The author must use specific language to convey the meaning of the message. For example, the phrasing of an apology letter differs from the wording used in a congratulatory card.

Informal letters do not need to include a signature from the sender. However, formal memos require the author and/or recipient to print and sign their name. An individual can download a template to make requests, grant someone permission to complete a task, or provide a recommendation. Compared to other types of messages, professional letters have a business-like tone.

Types (2)

Apology Letters

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Leave of Absence Letters

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What is a Personal Letter Template?

A personal letter template is used by the creator of the document to send a formal or informal message to another person. Straightforward and instructive memos have a standard structure and do not include creative images or designs. Congratulatory or friendly letters use visually-appealing formats and pictures along with the message.

The tone of the text depends on the purpose of the note. A condolence letter should use language that expresses sympathy and care. However, a letter of thanks needs to show gratitude and appreciation.

The sender should format the text and image(s) to fit the page. Electronic letters must match the length and width of the computer screen. Mailed letters need to fit the dimensions of the envelope. Forms requiring a signature from the author or recipient must include an additional line for one or both parties.