Alaska General (Financial) Power of Attorney Form


An Alaska General (Financial) Power of Attorney is a document signed between a person assigning power (the “principal”) and a person determined to represent them (the “agent”). The principal can assign powers according to § 13.26.645, and the agent must follow these orders as stated. Furthermore, the individual can decide whether to make it durable or not on the third page of the document. The term “durable” means that the agent continues to have power over the principal’s finances even after they die or become mentally incapable of making decisions themselves. 

Signing requirements (§ 13.26.600): A Notary Public must acknowledge the POA to make it official. 

Additional Considerations: The principal must initial each document page when completing it. Since the document covers most of a person’s aspects of life, the individual signing must take time to contemplate each option carefully. For this reason, the principal can hire an estate planning attorney or another relevant licensed individual to advise them on the best decision(s) for their needs.