Alaska General (Financial) Power of Attorney Form


The Alaska General (Financial) Power of Attorney is a document that is signed between an individual wishing to share or assign power regarding one (1) or more areas (the “principal”) and a person deemed as worthy to represent the principal (the “agent”). Principals planning on granting general authority to the agent should review AS § 13.26.645, which covers what powers fall under general authorities. To ensure the document is not made durable, check the box on the third (3rd) page that revokes the document upon incapacitation. Additionally, if the principal wishes to have the POA enter into effect when they’ve become incapacitated, be sure to check the fourth (4th) box on the third (3rd) page that states “This document shall be revoked by my subsequent incapacity.”

Signing requirements (AS § 13.26.600): Alaska law requires acknowledgment by a Notary Public for the POA to be lawfully executed.

Additional Considerations: When completing the form, the principal will need to initial every page of the document. Because the form is general, it has the ability to cover most areas of a person’s life. Take the time to carefully contemplate each option before writing a checkmark. Any and all questions should be directed to an estate planning attorney that holds a license within the state of Alaska.