Alabama Advance Directive (Medical POA + Living Will)

The Alabama Advance Directive (Medical Power of Attorney + Living Will) is a document made in advance of any health complications that assigns an individual, called the “agent” or “attorney-in-fact” power to speak for the person that is no longer able to make their own decisions. The document only goes into effect when the creator of the form (the “principal”) has become incapacitated. The form allows the principal to specify how they would like to be treated if terminally ill as well as declare the individual(s) who would be responsible for making their medical decisions.

State Laws & Signing Requirements

Laws: Natural Death Act (Chapter 8A, Termination of Life-Support Procedures)

Signing Requirements (§ 22-8A-4(4)): The Principal must sign and date the Advance Directive before by at least two (2) witnesses. The witnesses must meet all of the criteria outlined by this provision in order to serve in this capacity.