Alabama Power of Attorney Forms (9)


An Alabama power of attorney form grants an individual (known as the “agent”) with permission to make personal or business decisions on behalf of another. Common reasons why a person signs a POA is because they:

  1. Cannot make decisions on their own due to health problems;
  2. Are out of the state or country and need a document signed; or
  3. They need to have their accountant file their taxes.

The person that completes the form, (the “principal”), should choose an agent they personally know and trust. This can include family, close friends, and professionals (such as an attorney).

Types (9)

Advance Directive for Health Care (Living Will + Medical POA)

Gives an agent authority to make health decisions after the principal’s incapacitation. This document is durable.

Download – Adobe PDF, MS Word (.docx)


Durable Power of Attorney Form

Gives an agent the ability to make decisions for the principal even if the principal becomes incapacitated.

Download – Adobe PDF, MS Word (.docx), Rich Text (.rtf)


General (Financial) Power of Attorney Form

Very similar to the Durable POA, with the exception being the document expires after the individual appointing responsibility becomes incapacitated.

Download – Adobe PDF, MS Word (.docx)


Limited (Special) Power of Attorney Form

Used to hand-off decision making power for a specific task or area.

Download – Adobe PDF, MS Word (.docx)


Minor Child Power of Attorney Form

Signed by a parent that gives decision-making authority over their children to an adult whom the parent(s) trusts.

Download – Adobe PDF, MS Word (.docx)


Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney (Form MVT 5-13)

Grants an individual or party with decision-making power regarding the principal’s vehicle, such as signing a Bill of Sale, registering the vehicle, or other car-related tasks.

Download – Adobe PDF


Real Estate (Property) Power of Attorney Form

A means for those who need a representative that can make decisions regarding the selling or purchasing of a property.

Download – Adobe PDF, MS Word (.docx)


Revocation of Power of Attorney Form

A document used to cancel any previously-entered Power of Attorneys.

Download – Adobe PDF, MS Word (.docx)


Tax Filing Power of Attorney

Gives an individual who prepares taxes authorization to access a company or individual’s tax-related information in order to file it with the state of Alabama.

Download – Adobe PDF



Agent / Attorney-in-Fact Laws

Signing Requirements

  • General (non-medical) requirements (§ 26-1A-105): Must be notarized.
  • Advance directive (medical POA) signing requirements (§ 22-8A-4): Needs to contain the signatures of two (2 witnesses.

Official Forms