Alabama Limited Power of Attorney Form


An Alabama limited power of attorney is a form used by an individual (the principal) to give another person the ability to complete tasks and make decisions in their place. The agent, or appointed representative, follows through with the principal’s assignments, which often relate to business or personal life matters.

With the signed form in hand, the agent can buy or sell personal property for the principal, cash their checks, or sign paperwork, among other duties. Each document must contain similar tasks with the same deadlines. The principal must fill out separate limited power of attorney forms for unrelated tasks or responsibilities with different due dates.

A limited power of attorney is short-lasting and restrictive. It prevents the agent from gaining too much authority as they must follow the written wishes of the principal as stated.

If the principal wants to end the agreement, they can complete a revocation form and send it to the agent, businesses, banks, or other relevant parties. As a result, the representative can no longer use the limited power of attorney to carry out tasks.

Signing requirements (§ 26-1A-105): Must be notarized.