Arizona General (Financial) Power of Attorney Form


One can use the Arizona General (Financial) Power of Attorney to delegate an aspect (or all of) their finances to a trusted party. Whether it’s to make investments, request money, or more generally manage their finances, all the selected agent needs to do is present the form whenever they are acting in regards to the principal. So long the POA is completed correctly, signed by the principal and a witness, and notarized, it has to be accepted. To ensure the form is accepted the principal can deliver a copy of the POA itself to financial institutions and other establishments ahead of time. The form is commonly confused with a durable power of attorney due to them both covering financial matters. However, a durable POA is a far more serious document that grants powers that can only be revoked by the principal, or upon their death. In contrast, the general form here will cease being effective should the principal be faced with a mentally vegetative state.

Laws: Ch. 5, Article 5

Signing requirements: Needs to contain the signature of one witness, and be notarized.