Arizona Power of Attorney Forms


An Arizona power of attorney (POA) form allows a person to delegate a trusted person with the capacity to handle one’s personal matters. The individual completing the form (the “principal”) can make the agreement remain in effect indefinitely, or only until their agent completes all tasks. In Arizona, power of attorney forms fall under title 14 of the state’s statutes, which set out requirements over how a POA should be completed.

Types (6)

DurableGeneralLimitedMedical | Minor | Vehicle

Which Form is Right for Me?

DurableGives an agent control over one’s finances and/or their estate. Being durable, it remains in effect regardless of the mental health of the principal.
GeneralSimilar to the durable POA, but differs in that the agreement will automatically terminate should the principal become incapacitated.
LimitedProvides the agent with the ability to handle highly specific duties. Ideal for those that only need an agent under for a short amount of time, or for a handful of tasks.
MedicalEnables an agent to act on the principal’s behalf concerning medical decisions when the principal can no longer communicate on their own.
Minor ChildFor appointing a trusted individual to care for a parent’s child (or multiple children) for a period of time under one (1) year.
Motor VehicleA government-provided form for giving a person the ability to handle all matters regarding another person’s car (e.g., registration, title, inspection, etc.).

Laws & Signing Requirements