Arizona Power of Attorney Forms

The Arizona Power of Attorney Forms permit an individual known as the “principal”, to transfer their decision-making powers for personal and/or business matters to another individual known as the “agent”. The forms may encompass a variety of decision-making powers, from those relating to medical decisions to the care of children. It is up to the principal to decide how specific or broad the powers granted will be. Forms of durable nature (medical POAs, for instance) are notable in that they do not expire if the principal were to become incapacitated (unable to make decisions on their own).


Durable (Financial) Power of Attorney Form – In the event the principal becomes incapacitated, the conditions specified in this form will continue to be upheld by the law.

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General (Financial) Power of Attorney Form – The primary difference between a General and Durable Power of Attorney is that the former will no longer be upheld after the principal becomes incapacitated.

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Limited (Special) Power of Attorney Form – This is the most suitable type of Power of Attorney form to use if the principal only requires the services of the agent in limited circumstances.

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Medical (Health Care) Power of Attorney Form – A legal document created to set out the conditions by which an agent can act on the principal’s behalf concerning medical decisions.

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Minor Child (Parental) Power of Attorney Form – When parents, for any range of reasons, cannot make decisions about their child in one or more circumstances, they can appoint a trusted individual to do so in their absence.

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Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney (Form 48-1001) – Should a person want to grant decision-making powers to another for any or all matters regarding their car, they may do so using this form.

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Real Estate (Property) Power of Attorney Form – This form grants an agent the powers to fulfill a range of obligations relevant to the real property of the principal.

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Revocation of Power of Attorney Form – Should the principal wish to terminate the Power of Attorney agreement, they are able to do so by executing this legal document.

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State Tax Power of Attorney (Form 285) – A form used to pass on the responsibility of tax filing and any other specified tax-related duties from a principal to an agent.

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What is an Arizona Power of Attorney?

An Arizona Power of Attorney is a legal document that sets out the conditions by which a principal will grant an agent the responsibility to act on their behalf. The manner and ways in which the agent will do so should be clearly specified in the document, as to avoid misunderstandings or mistakes. Different types of Power of Attorney forms should be used to account for the differing needs of the principal.

When is it Effective?

In accordance with § 14-5501, a POA comes into effect once all four (4) of the following requirements have been satisfied:

  1. The form clearly indicates the principal’s intention to create a power of attorney and it identifies the name of the agent.
  2. The principal has signed the form or it has been signed in their name by another individual in the Principal’s “conscious presence and at the Principal’s direction.”
  3. A witness who is not the agent themselves, their spouse, children, or the Notary Public is present.
  4. The document is notarized by an authorized entity in the presence of the principal.