Arizona Limited Power of Attorney Form

An Arizona limited power of attorney (POA) is a document that gives an individual (the “agent”) permission to handle tasks for another person (the “principal”). The contract ends once it has expired or the agent has completed their duties. In addition, the principal can terminate the agreement at any time by filling out a revocation form. The POA must include the contact information of both parties, as well as specific instructions for the agent to follow.

Signing requirements (§ 14-5501): The form must be notarized and signed in front of one (1) witness.

What Does “Limited” Power of Attorney Mean?

A standard POA allows a person to legally act on the behalf of another person. However, a limited POA is slightly different as it restricts the agent’s power. For example, they are bound to the terms that the principal sets in the agreement as it is unlawful for them to act outside of the contract.

Since a limited POA has very strict guidelines, it typically lasts for a shorter duration than other types of POAs. The document is no longer valid once the agent has completed their duties or it has expired.

A principal may initiate a limited POA for short-term, non-specific tasks, including:

  • Signing a legal document;
  • Cashing a check;
  • Managing real estate; or
  • Selling or buying personal property.