Arizona Limited Power of Attorney Form


An Arizona limited power of attorney is a document that gives an individual (the “agent”) permission to handle tasks for another person (the “principal”). It must include the contact information of both parties and specific instructions for the agent to follow. The contract ends once it has expired or the agent has completed their duties. If the principal changes their mind or feels that the agent is acting out of bounds, they can terminate the agreement.

A limited power of attorney restricts what an agent can do while representing a principal. They are bound to the terms set by the principal and cannot act outside of the agreement. Since this form has stringent guidelines, it typically lasts for a shorter duration than other types of power of attorney forms. The document is no longer valid once it expires or the agent completes their duties.

A principal can initiate a limited power of attorney for short-term, specific tasks. Examples include signing a legal document, cashing a check, managing real estate, or selling or buying personal property.

Signing requirements (§ 14-5501): The form must be notarized and signed in front of one (1) witness.