Arizona Minor Child Power of Attorney Form


An Arizona minor child power of attorney form enables parents or guardians to delegate their parental authority to a trusted individual, known as the “agent.” The agent gains the ability to perform various parental tasks, such as signing documents, enrolling children in school, and addressing medical concerns. This form is essential when parents must be away from their children for reasons like hospitalization, military duty, incarceration, travel, or other justifiable circumstances.

Parents should select an agent experienced in caring for children and maintaining a stable home environment to ensure the child’s well-being during their absence.

State Laws: § 14-5104 | Military (§ 14-5107)

Time Active: Six (6) months non-military (§ 14-5104) | One (1) year military (§ 14-5107(A))

Signing Requirements: Both the parent and their witness must sign the form in front of a notary public.