Arizona Minor Child Power of Attorney Form


The Arizona Minor Child (Parental) Power of Attorney gives parents and guardians a means of delegating their parental powers to a person they trust (the “agent”). The agent will have the ability to complete any and all actions the parents can perform, including signing-off on documents, enrolling them in school, handling medical matters, and much more. This form should be completed if the parent(s) will be away from their children, whether due to hospitalization, military duty, a jail sentence, traveling, or another justifiable reason.

The parent(s) should choose an agent that has experience with raising or providing to the needs of children and has a stable home environment.

Laws§ 14-5104 | § 14-5107 (military)

Time active (§ 14-5104) – Six (6) months non-military | One (1) year military (§ 14-5107(A))

Signing requirements – Both the parent and their witness must sign the form in front of a Notary Public.