California Minor Child Power of Attorney Form


A California minor child power of attorney form combines a guardian appointment and medical power of attorney. Parents and guardians use this form when they cannot fulfill their childrearing duties temporarily. It empowers them to appoint a trusted person, known as the “agent,” to carry out the responsibilities outlined in the document.

Common reasons for using this power of attorney include the following:

  • Leaving for active military duty with no alternative childcare arrangements
  • Serving a prison sentence and needing someone to care for the children
  • Undergoing long-term in-patient medical treatment
  • Any situation where the child or children stay with another person or family for an extended period

State Laws: §§ 1510 – 1517

Signing Requirements: Statutes not specified. Though the probate code covering minor child power of attorney forms does not list signing requirements, it is advisable for parents to sign the form before a notary public and, ideally, have two witnesses present. This precaution protects the child, parents, and agent involved.