Colorado Medical Power of Attorney Form


A Colorado medical power of attorney names a healthcare representative to communicate a declarant’s health care wishes if they cannot speak for themselves. A declarant is often unable to convey their medical preferences due to incapacitation or disability. The agent’s powers include making medical treatment decisions and giving informed consent (or refusal) to medical treatment on behalf of the principal. This type of form is durable, meaning that it continues to provide the agent with authority if the declarant passes away. In this case, the agent would be responsible for organ donation, body disposal, and funeral arrangements for the declarant.

Additional considerations: The declarant has two (2) options (found on the top-right of the first page) for when the document becomes active. If the principal selects the first option, they are allowing the agent to make medical decisions for them immediately. If they choose the second option, the agent is only given power once a medical professional (such as a doctor) confirms the principal’s incapacitation in writing.