Colorado Power of Attorney Forms


Colorado power of attorney forms allow a principal to nominate a representative over financial and/or medical topics. The agent is required by law to take the principal’s best interests into account for every decision and must follow the form exactly as it is written. If the principal intends to nominate a person that will make decisions for them when they physically no longer can, a durable POA must be used. Simple and straightforward tasks should use a limited or general POA that is not durable.

A power of attorney can be revoked anytime by completing and distributing a revocation of power of attorney.

Types (6)

Durable | General | Limited | Medical | Minor | Vehicle

Which Form is Right for Me?

DurableUse this form if you need to 1) provide a person with the ability to manage your assets/estate, AND 2) you need the agent’s powers to remain in effect regardless of your mental state. Being durable, this form only terminates if the principal revokes it manually, or they pass away.
GeneralFor providing an agent with the same powers as the durable type above, EXCEPT it is not durable, meaning it terminates should the principal become incapacitated.
LimitedFor specifying a few narrowly defined powers an agent will have. Often used if the principal needs assistance with one (1) or a few tasks. Should not be used for long-term planning.
MedicalA life planning document that puts in place a specific person (agent) that has the sole right to communicate with health care providers on how the principal would like to be treated. Once completed, the form will remain in effect indefinitely unless manually revoked by the principal. This form is often completed in conjunction with a living will, which specifies the exact treatment methods the principal prefers.
Minor ChildDesignates a person with the temporary legal responsibility to take care of a parent or guardian’s child (when they will be unable to do so themselves).
Motor VehicleGives an agent the right to handle any affairs concerned with one’s motor vehicle, such as registration.

Laws & Signing Requirements