Colorado Minor Child Power of Attorney Form


A Colorado minor child power of attorney form enables parents or guardians to prepare for situations when they cannot care for their child or children temporarily. This document allows them to appoint a responsible and capable agent, often a family member or close friend, to serve as a temporary guardian for up to 12 months (§ 15-14-105). The appointed agent can manage various aspects of the child’s life, including education, healthcare, and daily living needs. Parents must review the agent’s background and suitability to ensure the child’s safety and welfare during their absence. However, the agent’s authority does not extend to consenting to the child’s adoption or marriage.

What is a Colorado Minor Child Power of Attorney?

A Colorado minor child power of attorney form is a legal document that grants temporary guardianship authority to a designated person or entity, known as the agent, over a parent or guardian’s minor child. This form allows the agent to make decisions and perform tasks related to the child’s care, education, and welfare during the parent or guardian’s absence or temporary inability to care for the child.

The agent must act in the minor child’s best interest and adhere to the terms specified in the power of attorney form. This temporary guardianship typically is at most twelve (12) months unless otherwise stated in the document. Parents or guardians must be of sound mind and legally competent when drafting and executing the form. The form is helpful in situations such as extended parental absence due to travel, medical reasons, or military deployment.