Connecticut Minor Child Power of Attorney Form


A Connecticut minor (child) power of attorney is a legal document used by parents and guardians for providing a person (the attorney-in-fact or “standby guardian”) the right to temporarily take care of their child or children. The form allows the parents to leave the state and/or country while ensuring their kid(s) will be taken care of. Common reasons for needing to use the form include leaving for the military (active duty), serving a prison sentence, traveling, or receiving medical care. Once the form is signed, the standby guardian will be able to handle the child’s medical care, make decisions regarding their education, and any preside over any other life events. If the parents only wish to allow the standby guardian to perform certain duties, they can specify so in the agreement.

The state of Connecticut places a cap of one (1) year on the form. In other words, once signed, it will expire in one (1) year (unless the parents terminate the POA before then). If the parent(s) were to die after the agreement goes into effect, the contract would automatically terminate in ninety (90) days from the date of death.

  • Laws: § 45a-603, § 45a-604, & § 45a-622
  • Max duration: One (1) year
  • Signing requirements (§ 45a-624c): Two (2) witnesses must watch the parent(s) sign. If both parents are alive, they both must sign the form.